"Empowering" Speak out Stay safe school programme evaluated

Last updated: 21 Dec 2018 Topics: News Type: News

Primary school children told us they knew more about bullying, abuse and neglect following our Speak out Stay safe sessions

Speak out Stay safe is a free programme available to all primary schools in the UK. Our trained volunteers teach children how to recognise abuse and neglect in a lively, memorable and child-friendly way.

In an initial evaluation of our schools programme, we asked for the views of children and staff from ten schools in England about:

  • the impact of Speak out Stay safe on children
  • the experiences of pupils and adults who have taken part
  • what helps to deliver our programme.

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Our initial findings provide promising evidence that Speak out Stay safe:

  • helps children to feel confident and empowered to recognise and respond to abuse, neglect and bullying
  • helps school staff identify safeguarding concerns and strengthen school safeguarding.
“It’s a good way of learning, like, if you’ve been bullied before you can say stop you’re bullying me. So you know what they’re doing to you ‘cause you might not know.”

Year 3 child

We also found school staff valued the independence of the NSPCC and felt this really helped to engage children with the core messages about staying safe from abuse and neglect.

“Like I say, it gives us a chance to sit back, but also we’re working with people who do this for a living, and it gets us to use their expertise. A fresh pair of eyes is always good.”

Year 4 teacher

Our evaluation of Speak out Stay safe is being carried out in two phases. Our report shares findings from phase one – an initial, small scale evaluation carried out in England. We’ve commissioned the University of Central Lancashire, in collaboration with four other UK universities, to carry out an impact, process and economic evaluation of Speak out Stay Safe for phase two. This will be completed in 2021. 

The evaluation is supported by The Health Foundation, an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.

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