Wales safeguarding procedures: CASPAR briefing

Last updated: 06 Dec 2019 Topics: Safeguarding and child protection

In November 2019, the Wales Safeguarding Procedures Project Board published the Wales safeguarding procedures which update and clarify roles and responsibilities for practitioners to ensure that they safeguard children and adults in Wales. The Wales safeguarding procedures replace the All Wales child protection procedures 2008.

Our briefing focuses on the procedures relating to children and young people at risk of harm, outlining safeguarding practice for anyone working with children in Wales. Key areas covered include:

  • safeguarding principles and effective practice
  • the duty to report a child at risk of abuse, neglect and/ or harm
  • responding to a report of a child at risk of harm, abuse and/or neglect, including decision making and initial child protection conferences
  • planning and intervention for children on the child protection register
  • arrangements for responding to safeguarding concerns about those whose work brings them into contact with children at risk
  • ten practice guides on specific issues for practitioners working with children and young people.


Wales Safeguarding Procedures Project Board (2019) Wales safeguarding procedures. [Cardiff]: Wales Safeguarding Procedures Project Board