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Search our directory for our latest research, child protection statistics, leaflets, practical guidance, briefings and evaluations that share what we've learned from our services for children and families.

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Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Type: Briefing

An explanation of the guidelines for balancing the need to listen to children’s wishes with the responsibility to keep them safe.

Share Aware resources for schools and teachers

Topics: Online safety Schools Type: Practical guidance

Download our free Share Aware lesson plans and classroom guidance to help teach your class to stay safe online.

E-safety for schools

Topics: Schools Online safety Type: Practical guidance

Online safety support and resources for schools and colleges including training, teaching resources, information for parents, IT systems requirements and ongoing monitoring.

Sexting: advice for professionals

Topics: Online safety Safeguarding and child protection Child sexual abuse and CSE Type: Practical guidance

Advice about the dangers of sexting and what to do to help a young person who has received or sent an explicit image, video or message.

It's Not OK: teaching resources about positive relationships

Topics: Schools Safeguarding and child protection Type: Practical guidance

Videos and lesson plans for children and young people aged 11+ covering positive relationships, how to recognise concerning or abusive behaviour and what to do about it. 

Looked after children: statistics briefing

Topics: Looked after children Type: Statistics

This briefing looks at what available data can tell us about looked after children to help professionals, and the organisations they work for, make evidence based decisions.

Example anti-bullying policy statement

Topics: Bullying Type: Practical guidance

A template anti-bullying policy statement you can tailor to the context of your organisation to help keep children safe.

Example behaviour codes for adults and children

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Type: Practical guidance

Organisations need to have clear expectations about what behaviour is acceptable from adults and children. These example codes can help you write a document that reflects the safeguarding needs in your organisation and aligns with your policies.

Example online safety policy statement and agreement

Topics: Online safety Type: Practical guidance

Use these examples to create an online safety policy statement and online safety agreement for your organisation. 

Example role description for a nominated child protection lead

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Type: Practical guidance

Every organisation that works with children needs to have a person who takes the lead on safeguarding and child protection. Use this example role description to make sure everyone in your organisation understands this important role.