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Time for action on perinatal mental health care in Northern Ireland

Topics: Mental health Type: Research

Study into provision of support in Northern Ireland for women experiencing mental health problems during pregnancy and the year after birth.

Children living in families facing adversity

Topics: Domestic abuse Substance misuse Mental health Type: Research

The experiences of children whose parents are involved in domestic abuse, misuse drugs or alcohol and have mental health problems.

Final evaluation of the NSPCC Family SMILES service

Topics: Mental health Type: Service evaluation

Evaluation of a programme supporting children whose parents have a mental health problem. Part of the NSPCC’s Impact and evidence series.

"I wasn’t sure it was normal to watch it"

Topics: Online safety Mental health Type: Research

Research report into the impact of online pornography on the values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of children and young people.

Looking after infant mental health: our case for change

Topics: Mental health Type: Research

Our cases for change in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland emphasising the importance of looking after infant mental health.

Achieving emotional wellbeing for looked after children: a whole system approach

Topics: Looked after children Mental health Safeguarding and child protection Type: Research

We report on our work with 4 UK local authorities to design a care system that better promotes the emotional wellbeing of children in care. Part of the NSPCC’s Impact and evidence series.

Getting it right for mothers and babies in Scotland

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Mental health Type: Research

Report outlining current provision of postnatal and antenatal mental health services in Scotland, and making recommendations for future developments.

CAMHS: learning from case reviews

Topics: Case reviews Mental health Type: Briefing

Summary of risk factors and learning for improved practice for child and adolescent mental health services.

Improving local mental health services for children who have experienced abuse or neglect

Topics: Mental health Type: Research

Guidance on designing and delivering mental health services to vulnerable groups of children and young people, plus an annual assessment of Local Transformation Plans looking at how well they currently provide for these children.

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