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Safeguarding disabled children in England

Topics: Deaf and disabled children Safeguarding and child protection Type: Research

Survey establishing the effectiveness of local arrangements to safeguard disabled children and how well LSCBs have responded to recommendations in the Ofsted (2012) thematic inspection on protecting disabled children.

Serious Case Review Quality Markers

Topics: Case reviews Type: Research

A set of 18 quality markers to support LSCBs and reviewers in commissioning and conducting high quality case reviews.

Sexting and young people: the parent's view

Topics: Online safety Parenting Type: Research

Research on parent’s awareness of issues surrounding sexting, and what information and support they would like to receive.

What children are telling us about bullying

Topics: Bullying Type: Research

A report discussing how bullying affects the children and young people who contacted Childline in 2015/16.

What should I do? NSPCC helplines report about online safety

Topics: Online safety Type: Research

Report about how Childline, the NSPCC helpline and O2 are responding to children’s and parents’ concerns about sexual content online.

Achieving emotional wellbeing for looked after children: a whole system approach

Topics: Looked after children Mental health Safeguarding and child protection Type: Research

We report on our work with 4 UK local authorities to design a care system that better promotes the emotional wellbeing of children in care. Part of the NSPCC’s Impact and evidence series.

Deaf and disabled children talking about child protection

Topics: Deaf and disabled children Type: Research

Research report into children's experiences of the child protection system.

Equally protected?

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Type: Research

A review of physical punishment research published since 2008, commissioned by NSPCC Scotland, Children 1st, Barnardo's Scotland and the Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland.

Getting it right for mothers and babies in Scotland

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Mental health Type: Research

Report outlining current provision of postnatal and antenatal mental health services in Scotland, and making recommendations for future developments.

Hurting inside: learning from the NSPCC helpline and Childline on neglect

Topics: Neglect Type: Research

What children are telling us about living with neglect and key statistics on contacts to our helplines about child neglect.