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People who work with children often need to give advice and support to parents. This might be about how to cope with a crying baby; working out whether a child is old enough to walk home from school alone; or thinking about how to keep their child safe online.

Our range of leaflets and resources for parents can provide information and help make these conversations easier.

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Handle with care 
Gives advice on safe ways of holding a baby and suggests ways parents can soothe and cope with a crying baby.

Home alone guide
Helps parents decide when it is safe to leave their children home alone and how to choose a babysitter or childminder.

Out alone 
Helps parents decide if a child is ready to be out on their own and gives advice on preparing them for different situations such as walking to and from school by themselves, attending sports or holiday clubs, or going out to play with friends.

Positive parenting
Gives advice on setting boundaries for children, building relationships with them and keeping cool when children’s behaviour is challenging.

Look, Say, Sing, Play
A set of resources to help parents interact with their baby, boosting child development and setting up positive behaviour as their child grows.

Other helpful resources for parents

Find more information for parents on the NSPCC website:

For further resources to share with parents, search the NSPCC Library catalogue using the keywords "parenting" or "parents' books".

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