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Helping you keep children safe online

Protecting children from online abuse

Learn more about the different types of online abuse, and how best to recognise, respond to, and prevent this abuse.

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Online safety and social media

Ensure you're following best practice when communicating online or running online services for children and young people.

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Legal but harmful content online

This briefing looks at contacts to the NSPCC Helpline and Childline about children's experiences of legal but harmful content online like pornography and sites promoting eating disorders, suicide and self-harm. 

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E-safety for schools

Read our free information for schools to help you feel confident in your approach to online safety and develop robust e-safety policies and procedures.

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Undertaking remote teaching safely

Understand what you need to know about safeguarding pupils when teaching remotely. Find out how to do it safely and make sure children and young people are protected. 

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Example online safety policy statement

Use our example online safety policy statement to help you draft your own documents that set out how children should use the internet safely within your organisation.

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Online safety training

Our highly-rated interactive elearning course on online safety will teach you about how children and young people use existing technology, the risks involved and how to protect them from harmful content online. 

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Online community management training

Our interactive elearning course, developed with assistance from experts at Childline, will give you the guidance you need to set up or manage an online community and ensure your virtual environment for children and young people is safe. 

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NSPCC Library reading list

Learn more about online safety with our selection of publications related to e-safety topics, including cyberbullying, social media usage, and online mental health.

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Listen to our podcast

The NSPCC Learning podcast covers a range of safeguarding topics, including e-safety and keeping children safe online.

Building children and young people's digital resilience

We look at how to create safer online experiences for children and young people, building their digital resilience and encouraging positive behaviour online.

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Enhancing online safety for children

This episode focuses on how to enhance online safety for children and young people in your group or organisation and how to deal with any online issues that might arise.

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How safe? 2019 report

Find out more about our How safe are our children? report for 2019, which focused on the most up-to-date statistics relating to issues of online safety and online abuse in the UK.

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