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NSPCC Learning quality assurance standards and principles

How we produce content that is evidence-based, accurate and reliable

We follow a set of quality standards to ensure all the information we provide on NSPCC Learning is accurate, reliable, up-to-date and meets our audiences’ needs.

How we produce information

When developing our content, we follow a structured process, which includes:

  • identifying what information our users need to protect children and young people
  • researching topics
  • agreeing the best format for the content and how it will fit in with the rest of NSPCC Learning
  • creating the content
  • seeking feedback and approval from internal and external colleagues and subject matter experts.

Our content creators have appropriate skills and experience and receive regular training to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

How we source evidence

We draw on high-quality evidence when researching our content, including:

  • government legislation across the UK
  • statutory and non-statutory UK guidance
  • research
  • best practice.

We carry out research using the NSPCC Library, which is the largest collection of child protection resources in the UK. The evidence we use is fully referenced and we make it clear when we are presenting the NSPCC’s policy position.

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Understanding the needs of our audience

We use a range of audience insight methods, including user research, to find out what information people who work and volunteer with children need. We plan, develop and improve our content based on this insight.

How we make sure our content is up-to-date and relevant

We check our content before it is published, making sure all quality assurance and approval processes have been followed.

We frequently review and update our content when new legislation or government guidance is published and give every piece of content a review date to help ensure it is kept up-to-date and reliable.

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How we seek feedback on our content

We welcome feedback after our content has been published and make edits as appropriate.

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