NSPCC elearning: online courses

Safeguarding and child protection online training

Our range of online training courses are expertly designed to support you in learning about all aspects of child protection and safeguarding.

Child protection for school governors and academy trustees

Understand your safeguarding responsibilities and your role in creating a safer culture for the children and young people in your school. Our 3-hour CPD-certified course covers safeguarding and child protection policies, procedures, principles and practice. Cost: £25

Child protection in schools

For anyone working in schools or colleges, our CPD-certified 3-hour courses for primary and secondary schools will help you develop or refresh your awareness and understanding of child protection to help keep the children and young people you work with safe. Cost: £30

Child protection in sport and physical activity training

Understand your role and responsibilities in protecting children and young people from abuse or harm in your sport or physical activity setting with our 3-hour CPD-certified elearning course. Cost: £25

Child protection online training packages for schools

We offer cost-effective online training packages for schools in the UK. Covering topics to help increase your confidence in recognising abuse, online safety, safeguarding children with SEND and responding to sexualised behaviour.  Cost: £95

Child protection training for tutors

Understand your role and responsibilities as a tutor in protecting children and young people from abuse or harm with our 3-hour CPD-certified course. Cost £25

Delivering the Coping with Crying programme

Our CPD-certified online training for health visitors, midwives and children’s centre staff managing and delivering Coping with Crying to parents. Cost: £35

Harmful sexual behaviour in schools

Increase your confidence in recognising and responding to harmful, problematic or inappropriate sexual behaviour displayed by children and young people in your primary or secondary school with our 2-hour CPD-certified course. Cost: £35

Introduction to safeguarding and child protection

Increase your confidence in identifying and responding to possible signs of child abuse and neglect with our 3-hour CPD-certified online course. Cost: £30

Online community management training

Developed with assistance from experts at Childline, our 3-hour CPD-certified interactive course will give you the guidance you need to set up or manage an online community and ensure your virtual environment for children and young people is safe. Cost: £25

Online safety

Developed by the NSPCC in association with CEOP, the child protection unit of the National Crime Agency, our 4-hour CPD certified interactive course will help you to understand how children use the internet and how to respond to risks they may face online. Cost: £30

Protecting children in entertainment

Our 1-hour CPD-certified online course for chaperones on how to protect children during rehearsals and productions. Cost: £25

Safeguarding 16 to 25 year olds

Developed by the NSPCC in association with the Ann Craft Trust, our 3-hour CPD-certified online course will help you to better understand your role in safeguarding young people or young adults at risk from abuse, neglect or harm. Cost: £35

Safeguarding awareness training for workers who enter people's homes

A safeguarding awareness course helping workers who enter people’s homes recognise the signs of possible abuse and neglect. Cost: £19

Safeguarding children with SEND

Our CPD-certified 3-hour online course will help you to better identify concerns when safeguarding children who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and additional needs. Cost: £25

Safeguarding training for bus and taxi drivers

A CPD-certified short online training course providing safeguarding guidance for bus and taxi drivers who come into contact with children during their job or managers who employ drivers to transport children and young people. Cost: £9.50

Safeguarding training for charity trustees

Our 3-hour online course will help trustees to carry out their safeguarding duties in protecting beneficiaries, staff, volunteers, visitors and any organisations they may fund. Cost: £25

Safeguarding training package for voluntary groups

An online training package for anyone who works in the charity, voluntary or community sector. Covers topics to help increase your confidence in recognising abuse and neglect, online safety, safer recruitment and managing online communities. Cost: £95

Safer recruitment

For anyone responsible for selecting and recruiting candidates for posts that come into contact with children in a non-educational setting, our 4-hour CPD certified course will teach you how to safely recruit the right staff and volunteers to work with young people. Cost: £35

Safer recruitment in education

Our 4-hour CPD-certified online course is for anyone responsible for recruiting, shortlisting and vetting the right people to work with children in schools or colleges. Cost: £35

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