News from NSPCC Learning

Podcast: recognising and responding to child neglect

Type: Podcast

A two-part podcast series on child neglect: what it is, why it can be challenging to conduct assessments around neglect, why neglect happens and what can be done to help families when neglect takes place.

Dec 06 2021

Podcast: technology-assisted harmful sexual behaviour

Type: Podcast

Learn about the prevalence of technology-assisted harmful sexual behaviour (TA-HSB) and why it is a growing concern.

Nov 29 2021

Podcast: planning therapeutic sessions for children displaying harmful sexual behaviour

Type: Podcast

What to consider when planning therapeutic sessions for children and young people displaying harmful sexual behaviour (HSB).

Nov 22 2021

Podcast: direct work with children displaying harmful sexual behaviour

Type: Podcast

We spoke to NSPCC practitioners about the principles of direct work with children and young people displaying harmful sexual behaviour.

Nov 15 2021

Responding to low-level concerns about adults working in education

Type: News

How schools and colleges should respond to low-level concerns in education including resources to support you.

Oct 26 2021

Podcast: Black girls’ experiences of sexual abuse

Type: Podcast

We talk about about the lack of representation of Black girls’ experiences in child sexual abuse research and the impact this has on policy and practice.

Sep 27 2021

Podcast: intersectionality in social work practice

Type: Podcast

Hear Jahnine Davis and Nick Marsh, founders of Listen Up and Ineke Houtenbos, a senior consultant at the NSPCC, discuss intersectionality and its application within safeguarding practice.

Aug 23 2021

Podcast: why domestic abuse is a child protection issue

Type: Podcast

Explores the complexity and dynamics of domestic abuse, the effects it can have on children and how you can improve your practice.

Jul 26 2021

Learning Disability Week 2021

Type: News

It’s Learning Disability Week from 14-20 June 2021! We’ve pulled together resources and training to help you protecting children and young people with special educational needs and additional needs.

Jun 07 2021

Report Abuse in Education helpline resources launched

Type: News

Resources to share details of the Report Abuse in Schools helpline with your school community are now available.

May 25 2021