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News from NSPCC Learning

Why language matters: 'hidden' in plain sight

Type: Why language matters blog

This 'why language matters' blog post explores how key men in a child’s life can be overlooked by professionals. It discusses how the phrase 'hidden men' is unhelpful and these men should rather be 'unseen'.

Sept 26 2022

Podcast: researching mental health support for adolescents who have experienced sexual abuse

Type: Podcast

Learn about new research from the Safer Young Lives Research Centre (SYLRC) covering how to best support adolescent mental health and wellbeing after sexual abuse.

Sept 05 2022

Harmful sexual behaviour: labelling actions, not children

Type: Why language matters blog

The language we use when talking about harmful sexual behaviour can impact professionals' perceptions and how children see themselves. This "why language matters" blog discusses how changing words can help improve outcomes. 

Aug 22 2022

Digging deeper than 'did not attend': the importance of considering why a child was not brought to an appointment

Type: Why language matters blog

The first in a series of blogs on improving safeguarding practice with words, this article looks at how recording children’s missed health care appointments as "was not brought" instead of "did not attend" can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of children.

Jul 11 2022

Podcast: sibling sexual abuse

Type: Podcast

What you need to consider when working with children and families where harmful sexual behaviour has been displayed between siblings and how you can facilitate reunification.

Jun 06 2022

Podcast: understanding denial in children displaying harmful sexual behaviour

Type: Podcast

This episode provides insight into what denial might look like and how you can help children and young people open up using trauma-informed approaches and exercises.

Feb 28 2022

Podcast: NSPCC Helpline’s Domestic Abuse Practice Advisors

Type: Podcast

Learn how the NSPCC Helpline’s new Domestic Abuse Practice Advisors support children and families experiencing domestic abuse in this NSPCC Learning podcast episode.

Jan 31 2022

Methods for assessing the mental health needs of young people who have experienced abuse and neglect

Type: News

Learn about a Queen's University Belfast study that highlights the importance of understanding and responding to the mental health needs of young people who have experienced abuse and neglect.

Jan 17 2022

Podcast: recognising and responding to child neglect

Type: Podcast

A two-part podcast series on child neglect: what it is, why it can be challenging to conduct assessments around neglect, why neglect happens and what can be done to help families when neglect takes place.

Dec 06 2021

Podcast: technology-assisted harmful sexual behaviour

Type: Podcast

Learn about the prevalence of technology-assisted harmful sexual behaviour (TA-HSB) and why it is a growing concern.

Nov 29 2021