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Non-accidental head injuries in infants: increased risk during COVID

Type: News

Read about the increased risk of non-accidental head injuries to babies and young children and how the COVID crisis has escalated the situation.

May 10 2021

Coronavirus: 5 steps to update your safeguarding policies and procedures


Take a look at the five areas you need to consider when making changes or updating your safeguarding policies and procedures during coronavirus (COVID-19).

May 05 2021

Supporting children and young people’s mental health


Access resources to help you support children and young people's mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Apr 20 2021

Undertaking remote teaching safely


Schools and other educational settings may be using a mixture of in-school and home learning. This information will help you understand the safeguarding considerations for remote teaching.

Apr 20 2021

Protecting 16-and 17-year-olds from sexual abuse

Type: News

Government to close loophole which allows sports coaches and faith leaders to engage in sexual activity with 16 and 17-year-olds in their care.

Apr 09 2021

Helpline for people who have experienced sexual abuse in education settings launched

Type: News

The NSPCC has launched a dedicated helpline for children who have experienced abuse at school, and for adults and professionals that need support and guidance.

Apr 01 2021

How Safe 2021 conference - here's what you missed

Type: News

Read the highlights of the NSPCC's safeguarding conference How Safe 2021, which brought together safeguarding professionals from a range of different sectors for two days of inspirational and informative talks.

Mar 08 2021

Coronavirus: transitioning back to school


Safeguarding and child protection considerations for schools as social distancing measures are lifted following the coronavirus lockdown. 

Mar 03 2021

Podcast: building children and young people's digital resilience

Type: Podcast

Learn about creating safer online experiences for children and young people, building their digital resilience and encouraging positive behaviour online.

Feb 22 2021

Home Office supports NSPCC to offer free child sexual abuse recovery training for local safeguarding partners

Type: News

Learn more about the CSA recovery services we offer, and how we've partnered with the Home Office to provide free CSA training and support for local safeguarding partners.

Feb 01 2021