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Advanced and specialist safeguarding and child protection training courses

Counsellors taking part in advanced safeguarding training

As experts in safeguarding and child protection, individuals, organisations and agencies trust us to provide high-quality training to help them protect children and young people.

Browse our highly-rated specialist child protection training courses, designed to support anyone working or volunteering with children covering:

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Safer recruitment training

Online and face-to-face safeguarding training courses to help you safely recruit staff and volunteers into roles working with children and young people.

> Education: safer recruitment training for schools and colleges

> Safer recruitment training for non-education organisations

Designated role courses

Do you have responsibility for receiving concerns about the safety and welfare of children and young people in your school or organisation? Our face-to-face training courses will give you the skills to act appropriately and confidently to protect children.


> Designated safeguarding lead (DSL) for schools and colleges in England courses


> Designated safeguarding officer (DSO) courses in England

> Designated safeguarding officer (DSO) course in Northern Ireland

> Designated child protection lead (DCPL) course in Scotland

> Designated safeguarding person (DSP) course in Wales

> Designated safeguarding lead (DSL) for sport and leisure training

Supervisors and managers

Training for anyone who supports front line staff who may raise child protection or safeguarding concerns. 

> Child protection supervision skills course

> Refresher course for child protection supervision skills

> Managing allegations of abuse

Health level 4

Our advanced safeguarding training course for health professionals meets Level 4 knowledge, skills, and competencies.

> Safeguarding for health professionals level 4 training

Training for trainers

Advanced course with optional accreditation to learn how to deliver child protection training.

> Training for child protection trainers

Trauma and brain development

Training for teams to help you understand healthy brain growth in children and the impact of trauma on development.

> Trauma and child brain development training

Learning from case reviews

Learn how to apply learning from case reviews that are conducted when a child dies or is seriously harmed. Training includes common topics and themes, how to apply learning and how to improve day-to-day practice.

> Learning from case review training

Preventing non-accidental head injury training

If you work with babies and their parents and carers, this course will help you to understand what NAHI is, identify risk factors within families, and put support in place to help parents and carers keep their baby safe.

> Preventing non-accidental head injury training

Safeguarding in sport

Developed by the NSPCC's Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU), our elearning courses and specialised live training cover the key areas of safeguarding and child protection you need to know to keep children and young people safe in sports and physical activities.

> Designated safeguarding lead for sport and leisure training
> Safeguarding training for management board members in sport and leisure
> Safeguarding in sport training package

Understanding child sexual abuse

Two-day training course to help improve understanding and knowledge about child sexual abuse – including how to identify, prevent and respond to it.

> Understanding child sexual abuse training

Understanding harmful sexual behaviour (HSB)

Improve your team's understanding of HSB and increase their confidence in identifying and responding to incidents.

> Understanding HSB training


“I have found all of the course useful - in particular when looking at learning styles and how I could provide collusive supervision if there is a practitioner with the same style.”

Course participant, Child protection supervision skills training

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Why train with us?

Get flexible, cost-effective training courses from experts in safeguarding and child protection Why choose training with NSPCC Learning

Why train with us?

Get flexible, cost-effective training courses from experts in safeguarding and child protection Why choose training with NSPCC Learning