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The Online Safety Act: what it means for children and professionals

Type: Blog

What does the Online Safety Act mean for children and professionals? Rani Govender, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Officer summarises in this blog article.

Nov 14 2023

The 4 Cs of online safety: online safety risk for children

Type: Blog

How can the 4 Cs of online safety help schools and colleges keep children safe online? Maisy Watkins, Child Safety Online Project Officer shares internet safety tips in this blog article.

Sept 07 2023

How to stay safe online: supporting parents and carers to keep children safe

Type: Blog

Our top tips will help you to support parents and carers in keeping their family safe while using the internet, social media, apps and games.

Aug 01 2023

Risk assessing online platforms

Type: Blog

How do you make sure online platforms are safe for children and young people? In this blog, an expert from the NSPCC's child safety online solutions lab discusses what you need to consider.

Jan 09 2023

“Harm doesn’t stop at 18”: Dez Holmes talks to us ahead of How Safe 2021

Type: Blog

We invited Dez Holmes, the Director of Research in Practice, for a short interview to talk about adolescent safeguarding and what we can do to help young people be safe.

Jan 21 2021

Contextual safeguarding: what is it and why does it matter?

Type: Blog

What is contextual safeguarding? And what does it mean for voluntary and community groups? Cate Meredith explores the issues and how you can keep children safe.

Oct 21 2019

Managing safeguarding risks when planning activities

Type: Blog

Learn how to assess and manage safeguarding risks when running activities and events. Including practical steps, what to ask and how to respond to concerns.

Oct 14 2019

Grooming is often discovered not disclosed - so how can teachers spot the signs?

Type: Blog

How can we empower teachers and other school staff to make sure they can spot the signs of grooming and take action where required? Laura Randall discusses the issues.

May 15 2019

Using safer recruitment principles to give staff the best start

Type: Blog

Safer recruitment is a continuous process. By incorporating safeguarding practices into your new staff's induction you can be confident you're empowering them in keeping children safe.

May 08 2019

Safer recruitment - it's a win-win situation

Type: Blog

In this blog we discuss how following safer recruitment practices not only safeguards the children and young people in your school but helps you attract the best candidates.

May 01 2019
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