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News from NSPCC Learning

Why language matters: how referring to online ‘friends’ can mask safeguarding concerns

Type: Why language matters blog

It’s essential for professionals to remain curious when children refer to people they meet online as their ‘friends'.

Apr 04 2024

Podcast: Understanding pre-birth assessments

Type: Podcast

In this podcast, social work practitioners explain what effective pre-birth assessments look like and how they play an important role in safeguarding babies.

Mar 28 2024

How Safe 2024

Type: Event

The NSPCC’s flagship conference is on Wednesday 26 June 2024. Early bird discounted tickets now available for a limited time. Don’t miss out on the latest research and innovations to keep children safe and influence a national strategy for children.

Feb 26 2024

Recommendations for Change IICSA podcast series

Type: Podcast

A five-part podcast series exploring the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) final recommendations.

Feb 26 2024

Safeguarding young apprentices: your future business stars

Type: Blog

Welcoming new, young apprentices to a business requires thinking about their needs as young people and not just work colleagues.

Feb 15 2024

Helping teachers meet their safeguarding responsibilities

Type: Blog

What is a teacher's responsibility in safeguarding? Find out more about the role and what training you need to help keep children and young people safe in your school.

Feb 08 2024

Why language matters: why we should avoid the term ‘victim’ when talking about children who have experienced abuse

Type: Why language matters blog

The term 'victim' comes with implications and assumptions that can affect the way we perceive and safeguard children, and the way children perceive themselves.

Jan 26 2024

Online harms: protecting children and young people

Type: Blog

Being exposed to harmful content online can be damaging to children's wellbeing. But what exactly are online harms and what can we do to protect children? 

Jan 05 2024

Why language matters: why we shouldn’t talk about the ‘risky behaviour’ of young people experiencing abuse

Type: Why language matters blog

A professional focus on risk-taking behaviour can imply that the young person has a level of responsibility for abuse and exploitation – when in fact abuse is never a young person’s fault.

Nov 24 2023