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Neglect or emotional abuse in teenagers: Core info leaflet

Topics: Neglect

How to identify and help teenagers who may have been emotionally abused or neglected

Neglect and emotional abuse are often not recognised in teenagers. Their behaviours may be interpreted by others as a lifestyle choice or ‘acting out’.

This leaflet summaries the research about teenagers’ experience of neglect and emotional abuse. It highlights findings about victimisation; perpetrators of violence or delinquency; future expectations; emotional wellbeing and risky behaviours. It finds that a better understanding of teenage neglect and emotional abuse may enable teenagers to access appropriate and timely help.

Authors: NSPCC and Cardiff University
Published: 2014


Please cite as: Cardiff University, Department of Child Health and NSPCC (2014) Core-Info: neglect or emotional abuse in teenagers aged 13-18. London: NSPCC.

Core info series

The Core info leaflet series is based on a collaborative project by the NSPCC, Cardiff University and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).

The RCPCH are engaged in a rolling programme of systematic reviews of published research literature, originally developed by Cardiff University, on aspects of physical child abuse and neglect.

The full systematic review findings including research questions and methodologies as well as information about all of the reviews and annual updates being under taken can be found in the Child Protection Evidence resource on the RCPCH website.