Implementation evaluation of Together for Childhood

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Neglect Child sexual abuse and CSE

A place-based approach to preventing child abuse and neglect

Together for Childhood is a place-based approach to preventing child abuse and neglect. Working in partnership with local communities, we aim to raise awareness of abuse, stop it from happening, and help children who have experienced it get back on track.

Continuous learning and development is at the core of the Together for Childhood approach. We carried out an evaluation in three Together for Childhood areas over 2017 to 2018 to understand the local contexts and find out what our key stakeholders think of the process.

We conducted:

  • a scoping exercise to establish the current policies, strategies and prevention work in Together for Childhood areas
  • 67 semi-structured interviews with NSPCC staff and partners from local agencies, the community and the voluntary sector.

Authors: Gill Churchill, Denise Coster and Paul Whalley
Published: 2019

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Key finding

When developing a place-based approach it’s vital to develop a shared vision together with local partners, tailored to their ambitions and the area’s needs.

Additional findings

Effective local governance and partnerships are key to creating a structure for taking a place-based initiative forward.

Working with communities to understand their priorities and challenges will help everyone in realising their goals.


“I attended a community event by ‘Together for Childhood’ – a fabulous, truly community-minded project funded by NSPCC designed to try and make a real difference to the lives of kids and families in the town.”

Chair of local community group


Churchill, G., Coster, D. and Whalley, P. (2019) Learning Together: how collective learning has helped develop Together for Childhood, a place-based approach to preventing child abuse and neglect. London: NSPCC.