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The independent review of children’s social care final report: CASPAR briefing

Publication date May 2022

In May 2022 the independent review of children’s social care published its final report on the children’s social care system in England1.

The review was commissioned by the government in 2019, and started work in 2021. Evidence was collected from public engagement, evidence gathering exercises and visits to local areas, with the aim of identifying recommendations for the improvement of the system.

Our briefing summarises findings from the review’s final report, organised under the following: 

  1. reset children’s social care 
  2. a revolution in Family Help 
  3. a just and decisive child protection system 
  4. unlocking the potential of family networks 
  5. transforming care 
  6. the care experience 
  7. realising the potential of the workforce 
  8. a system that is relentlessly focused on children and families 
  9. implementation. 


MacAlister, J. (2022) The independent review of children's social care: final report. [Accessed 16/08/2023].
A summary of the final report of the independent review of children’s social care: CASPAR briefing
Download the report (PDF)

CASPAR briefings

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