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Bruises on children: Core info leaflet

Topics: Physical abuse

How to identify bruises that may be the result of child abuse

Bruising is the most common injury to a child who has been physically abused.

The 'Bruises on children' leaflet covers:

  • how to differentiate accidental from non-accidental bruises
  • common assumptions about bruising in children cannot be substantiated
  • when to be concerned that there's the possibility of child abuse or neglect

Authors: NSPCC and Cardiff University
Published: 2012

Core info series

The Core info leaflet series is based on a collaborative project by the NSPCC, Cardiff University and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).

The RCPCH are engaged in a rolling programme of systematic reviews of published research literature, originally developed by Cardiff University, on aspects of physical child abuse and neglect.

The full systematic review findings including research questions and methodologies as well as information about all of the reviews and annual updates being under taken can be found in the Child Protection Evidence resource on the RCPCH website.