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Think B4 You Type: anti-bullying toolkit

Support young people to design and lead a campaign around online bullying

Think B4 You Type is a free toolkit to help you support secondary school-aged children and young people to design and lead their own campaign around online bullying.

It’s designed for use in schools but will be helpful for any adults working or volunteering with groups of children to prevent and respond to bullying. Templates, useful resources and case studies are also included in the toolkit.​

Download Think B4 you type: campaign toolkit for use by school staff and local authorities
Download the toolkit (PDF)

How to use the toolkit

Think B4 You Type provides a step-by-step approach to creating a child-led anti-bullying campaign, including:

  • setting up a youth advisory group
  • gathering information about online bullying in the school through a survey or focus groups
  • planning and marketing the anti-bullying campaign and activity
  • evaluating the campaign and sharing the story.

The toolkit is based on a proven model of youth-led campaigning developed by NSPCC Scotland and respectme (Scotland’s anti-bullying service) alongside young people in Angus.