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Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2)

About GCP2

A strengths and evidence-based assessment tool to measure the care quality parents or carers give a child

Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) helps professionals measure the quality of care provided by a parent or carer in meeting their child's needs.

Using the GCP2 assessment tool, professionals grade aspects of family life on a scale of one to five. This helps them identify areas where the level of care children receive is good and where it could be significantly improved. Professionals can then provide guidance and/or interventions, or signpost or refer on to the most appropriate supporting agency.

How it works

Using GCP2, you’ll be able to:

  • measure the quality of care being provided to children you work with
  • identify where families require further support and whether the level of care received needs to be improved
  • implement a constructive working relationship with families
  • increase confidence in decision making at all levels
  • promote multi-agency working and train professionals across agencies to use the tool – creating a common language and improving the quality of referrals.
"As implementation lead for our local authority, I have been helped through the process by the expert assistance of the team at NSPCC. They have been able to answer my questions and together we have found solutions to issues."

Implementation Lead

Training and implementation support

We have helped support over 100 local areas to use GCP2 across the UK. We'll work with you every step of the way, providing the support you need to effectively implement the tool in your local area.

We will:

  • help you develop a robust implementation plan so that you can sustainably implement the tool locally
  • provide support and guidance for strategic partners
  • provide implementation planning resources and support
  • arrange 'Training for Trainiers' training sessions and materials to support local delivery (10-20 delegates)
  • give you access to over 80 resources to support delivery, usage and implementation
  • offer opportunities to attend and engage with GCP2 colleagues and sites across the UK through our community of practice forums
  • keep you up-to-date about upcoming events, developments and related programmes.


Ready to deliver GCP2?

Our expert consultants and trainers can help you and other professionals in your area use GCP2 effectively.

Watch this GCP2 information video then register your interest to deliver GCP2 here.

Background and evidence

Background and evidence

How GCP2 was developed

Graded Care Profile (GCP) was originally created by consultant paediatrician, Dr. Srivastava. We worked with him to redevelop the tool and create an updated version which is known as Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2). This is the only authorised and fully tested version of the GCP tool.

GCP2 is more user friendly and comprehensive enough to help professionals with assessments and subsequent work with families.

"The support, advice and enthusiasm from the NSPCC team around implementing this tool is second to none. A collegiate approach which allows us to avoid potential challenges and troubleshoot difficulties."


How effective is the assessment tool?

Professionals and families have told us that GCP2:

  • can contribute towards positive changes for families
  • helps parents to understand concerns
  • helps practitioners to make decisions about what next for families.

These findings come from our evaluation of how we support organisations to use GCP2.

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