National case review repository

In November 2013 we launched the national case review repository, in collaboration with the Association of Independent LSCB Chairs.

The repository provides a single place for published case reviews to make it easier to access and share learning at a local, regional and national level.

The repository is accessible via the NSPCC Library, which has over 1392 case reviews and inquiry reports dating back to 1945.

How published reports are added to the national repository

  1. Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) in England are asked to submit newly published case review reports via
  2. Newly published serious case reviews will be catalogued and an electronic version stored in the NSPCC Library.
  3. Copyright of the published reports remains with the publishing LSCB.
  4. We will send an acknowledgement email to the LSCB to let them know that the report has been added to the repository.
  5. We will request if other case review reports commissioned after 10 June 2010 may also be deposited within the repository.
  6. LSCBs may submit other learning and case review reports for inclusion in the NSPCC library collection if they wish, in the spirit of sharing their learning more widely.
  7. We are able to publish reports anonymously on behalf of the LSCB and would welcome conversations with LSCBs about this.
  8. Case review reports will remain available electronically for five years (subject to any specific legal rulings), after which the link to the electronic version will be removed, but the catalogue record will remain.
  9. Access to the electronic versions of the case review reports stored by the NSPCC will only be available by searching the NSPCC Library. They will not be retrieved via a Google search.