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Seven years of the How safe are our children? report. What’s new this year?

2019 marks the seventh year that our How safe are our children? report has been produced and published. For the past six years, we have compiled and analysed data from across all four nations in the UK to provide an overview of child protection data. However, this year we refocused our 2019 report on the most up-to-date statistics relating to issues of online safety and online abuse in the UK.

We talk to Holly Bentley, Senior Information Specialist at the NSPCC, who is the lead author of the report, about:

  • why we chose to focus on online safety and online abuse this year
  • where we sourced the data from
  • how we collaborated with experts who have an insight into the world of online safety
  • the key findings and main conclusions drawn from the report
  • how our surveys gave children a safe space to talk about their experiences.

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About the speaker

Holly Bentley is a Senior Information Specialist at the NSPCC leading on the organisation’s use of statistics and data. Holly has worked at the NSPCC for eight years and has managed the compilation and delivery of the ‘How safe are our children?’ report since 2013. Prior to working at the NSPCC, she was a librarian at the Guardian.

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