What we've learnt so far about 'Talk to Me': an interactive learning tool

Last updated: 22 Apr 2021 Topics: News Type: News
Adult using 'Talk to me' tool on laptop

Pilot shows interactive learning tool boosts adults’ confidence in talking to children about abuse

Last year, we collaborated with gamified simulation specialists Attensi, offering our safeguarding expertise to help them develop a pilot interactive learning tool called 'Talk to Me'.

'Talk to Me' is a free, immersive simulation designed to help adults build their confidence in having conversations with children about difficult topics, like abuse. Through simulated scenarios, users interact with fictional child characters and learn how to ask the right question at the right time, to build the child’s trust and help them talk about their experiences.

The tool is being piloted and is available for anyone to use through their web browser as many times as they like, for free, until December 2021.

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During the pilot, users who completed at least one of the scenarios were invited to share their feedback on 'Talk to Me' through a survey, and a small group were also interviewed. In the interviews, it was suggested that 'Talk to Me' could help a broad range of professionals and benefit people in different ways, depending on their role and responsibilities. We also learned that:

  • 95% of respondents either "agree" or "strongly agree" that the training made them more confident in talking to children about abuse
  • 98% felt the content was relevant to their work
  • 98% of respondents would recommend Talk to Me.1

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> Watch Attensi’s webcast to hear from the people behind Talk to Me and find out how we’re taking what we’ve learned forward


Users who completed at least one of the scenarios in full were invited to provide feedback through the survey. A total of 287 users took part. Seven interview participants were recruited through the post-simulation survey to take part in focused interviews. Five of the participants worked in schools in a safeguarding role, one participant holds a safeguarding role for a national youth club organisation, and one participant is a programme lead on a primary teacher training course.

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