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A summary of After-school clubs, community activities and tuition: safeguarding guidance for providers

CASPAR briefing

Publication date October 2023

The Department for Education (DfE) published non-statutory guidance on ensuring the safety of children in out of school settings in England in 2020.

An update to this guidance was published in September 2023 to reflect new legislation, including changes to what constitutes a position of trust, and changes to statutory guidance, including Keeping children safe in education.

The guidance is aimed at providers of tuition, community activities, or other clubs for children without parent or carer supervision.

Our briefing sets out key points from the guidance on best practice around:

  • safeguarding and child protection
  • suitability of staff and volunteers
  • health and safety
  • governance.
Summary of After-school clubs, community activities and tuition: CASPAR briefing
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