Safeguarding in Education Self-Assessment Tool (ESAT)

Last updated: 04 Sep 2018 Topics: Schools

The Safeguarding in Education Self-Assessment Tool (ESAT) is a free online tool to help you audit your school’s current safeguarding arrangements and support you to make any changes and identify areas for development.

ESAT has been developed through a joint initiative between the NSPCC and TES.

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How it works

ESAT provides a step-by-step guide to ensuring your school is meeting best safeguarding practices. It should be completed by the school’s designated safeguarding lead in consultation with school staff and governors.

The tool creates an action plan showing what provisions are in place within your school and where action needs to be taken. Progress can be updated at any point and the action plan can be printed for your records.


ESAT is organised into four recommended safeguarding standards for schools:

  1. child protection
  2. promoting welfare
  3. working with others
  4. staff and governance.


Each standard is made up of a number of elements your school should have in place. These cover a full range of safeguarding measures.

ESAT has been developed for use in schools in England so the elements cover the statutory safeguarding requirements set out in Keeping children safe in education, including:

  • child protection policy
  • the role of the designated safeguarding lead
  • safer recruitment
  • the single central record
  • complaints procedures
  • managing allegations against staff.

Elements also cover issues such as e-safety, codes of conduct for staff, listening to pupils and working with other agencies.


To help you meet each element ESAT provides:

  • advice
  • guidance
  • factsheets
  • policy checklists
  • links to resources
  • training materials.

Following your ESAT assessment

At the end of each standard, the designated safeguarding lead should refer to their action plan and decide how to implement any changes or updates identified.

If you need support to address gaps in your safeguarding arrangements or help to implement changes to your policies and procedures, our expert education safeguarding consultants can help.

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