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Hear about our work in providing early help services for military-connected families

Having to relocate frequently, establishing a new home, being isolated from family and friends and the pressures of the deployment cycle are just some of the challenges military-connected families encounter.

In this podcast, Nicola McConnell, NSPCC Senior Evaluation Officer and Vicky Wainright, Team Manager at the NSPCC’s Service Centre in Tidworth discuss our work with military families and reflect on the key findings from our Supporting military families evaluation report.

Our experts discuss:

  • what professionals should consider when working with military families
  • safeguarding and child protection issues faced by military-connected children
  • parental resilience, social connections and emotional development
  • key findings and recommendations from our service evaluation report

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About the speakers

Nicola McConnell is a Senior Evaluation Officer within the NSPCC’s Evidence Team who has over 20 years of experience in evaluating health and social care services for children and families, including training and supporting others to undertake this work. She has researched and published a range of evaluations across different topic areas such as child protection, domestic abuse and preventing child abuse as well as recently completed an evaluation of NSPCC’s early help services to military families.

Vicky Wainwright has worked as the Team Manager at the NSPCC’s Service Centre in Tidworth for the last three years where she has supported practitioners in delivering direct services to the local community. She is a qualified social worker who has previously worked within local authority safeguarding and child protection teams and has personal experience of the military as her husband is in the RAF.

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