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Speak out Stay safe teaches school children to stay safe from abuse and neglect

What is Speak out Stay safe? It is a free session available to all primary schools in the UK to empower children and give them the knowledge and understanding they need to stay safe from abuse and neglect. Our programme launched in 2011, and is run by specially trained staff and volunteers who deliver assemblies where pupils are taught how to recognise and respond to abuse in a lively, memorable and child-friendly way.

In our sixth podcast we’re joined by Rose Bray, NSPCC’s Reach Development Project Manager for our Schools Service, Karen Squillino who leads on our direct work with schools, and Katie, a parent whose son has taken part in the programme.

Some of the key aspects we explore are:

  • the scale of the programme and its delivery in schools
  • a real life example of how the service has benefitted a parent and their child
  • how the child’s voice is kept at the centre of the programme
  • challenges around reaching and accessing schools
  • next steps for the Speak out Stay safe service.

Listen to the podcast to find out why it’s important our service exists to help children to feel empowered to recognise and respond to abuse, including the positive outcomes and benefits for children, parents and school staff.

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About the team

Karen Squillino has a lead role in the development of the NSPCC’s Speak out Stay safe programme and is a registered social worker who has 28 years of experience in child protection and safeguarding.

Rose Bray is the Reach Development Project Manager for the Schools Service at the NSPCC. Her role focuses on ensuring the Speak out Stay safe programme reaches as many schools and children as possible. Rose is also a volunteer for the Childline service.

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