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Child protection plan and register statistics

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Type: Statistics

Our series of factsheets pulls together the most up-to-date statistics on children who are the subject to child protection plan or on a child protection register for each of the UK nations.

Childline annual review

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Type: Research

What children and young people have been talking to Childline about over the last year.

Example safeguarding policy statement

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Type: Practical guidance

A template policy statement you can tailor according to the context of your organisation.

Protecting children from grooming

Topics: Child sexual abuse and CSE Online safety Type: Practical guidance

Explains what grooming is, how to recognise it and how people who work with children can respond to it.

Parents' leaflets

Topics: Parenting Type: Leaflets and posters

Leaflets that professionals can share with parents to help them care for their children safely

Time for action on perinatal mental health care in Northern Ireland

Topics: Mental health Type: Research

Study into provision of support in Northern Ireland for women experiencing mental health problems during pregnancy and the year after birth.

Child trafficking leaflets for children and young people

Topics: Child trafficking Type: Leaflets and posters

Leaflets for children who have come to the UK from another country and who may have been trafficked, outlining how they can access support.

Ofsted requirements for safeguarding in schools in England

Topics: Schools Type: Briefing

Statutory requirements regarding safeguarding and inspection in schools.

Safeguarding considerations for before and after school (dropping off and picking up)

Topics: Schools Type: Practical guidance

Guidance around safely dropping off and picking up children from school.

Understanding children’s and teachers’ views of Speak out Stay safe

Topics: Schools Type: Service evaluation

Evaluation of the NSPCC’s Speak out Stay safe programme, which teaches school children to recognise and speak out about abuse and neglect.