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Understanding children’s and teachers’ views of Speak out Stay safe

Topics: Schools Type: Service evaluation

Evaluation of the NSPCC’s Speak out Stay safe programme, which teaches school children to recognise and speak out about abuse and neglect.

A community approach to preventing child sexual abuse in the home

Topics: Child sexual abuse and CSE Type: Research

What works to empower people within a specific community to prevent child sexual abuse in the home.

10 years since the Byron Review

Topics: Online safety Type: Research

10 years on since Professor Tanya Byron made 38 recommendations for government on keeping children safe online.

Children living in families facing adversity

Topics: Domestic abuse Substance misuse Mental health Type: Research

The experiences of children whose parents are involved in domestic abuse, misuse drugs or alcohol and have mental health problems.

Evaluation of Parents Under Pressure™

Topics: Substance misuse Type: Service evaluation

Evaluation of a service delivered by the NSPCC to support families where a parent has alcohol or substance misuse problems.

From bumps to babies: perinatal mental health care in Wales

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Type: Research

Key findings and recommendations from the Perinatal Mental Health in Wales project looking at perinatal mental health care and provision.

Evaluation of Reunification Practice Framework scale-up - implementation

Topics: Looked after children Type: Service evaluation

An evaluation of scale-up implementation of an evidence-informed framework for return home practice.

Implementation evaluation of the scale-up of Graded Care Profile 2

Topics: Neglect Type: Service evaluation

Findings from our implementation evaluation of Graded Care Profile (GCP2), a tool which helps professionals measure the quality of care being given to a child.

Implementation evaluation of Baby Steps scale-up

Topics: Early years Type: Service evaluation

Implementation evaluation of Baby Steps, an early intervention service which helps vulnerable parents prepare for parenthood.

Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges: CASPAR briefing

Topics: Harmful sexual behaviour Type: Briefing

Key points from the new DfE guidance on sexual violence and sexual harassment between children (anyone under the age of 18) at school and college.