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Childline and NSPCC Helpline insight briefings

What children and young people tell us about the issues affecting them

Every day Childline and the NSPCC Helpline answer hundreds of calls from children, young people, parents, professionals and families. We offer help and support and we give children and young people a voice when no-one else is listening.

Our helplines also give us a unique insight into the things that are concerning children and young people and how these issues affect them.

The insights briefing series uses data from Childline counselling sessions and NSPCC Helpline contacts to highlight the key issues in child protection and the impact these have on children and families. 

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The impact of coercive control on children and young people

We share what parents, carers, children and young people have told our helplines about experiencing domestic abuse in the form of coercive and controlling behaviours.

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Legal but harmful content online

This briefing focuses on children's experiences of pornography and content promoting or glorifying eating disorders, self-harm and suicide. 

"I have been bullied into watching pornographic videos by people at school. Some of things I’ve seen made me feel sick."

Boy, aged 13, Childline

Domestic abuse

In 2020/21, contacts to the NSPCC Helpline from parents and carers concerned about children and young people experiencing domestic abuse increased by a third on the previous year. This briefing looks at the impact on children's safety, behaviour and mental health.

"I'm scared of my husband... He is unpredictable and volatile and yesterday he totally flipped, smashing the house up and throwing things. My daughter, who is four, was present and was very upset, asking if it was her fault that daddy was so angry. I am scared for me and my daughter and just wish I had got out of this situation years ago. I am so worried about contacting the police and making the situation even worse."

Mother, NSPCC Helpline

COVID-19 and child welfare

Children and young people have been hugely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. These briefings take a closer look at the impact on children and young people of COVID-19 and:

> See also our briefing on What children are saying to Childline about coronavirus

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