Police: learning from case reviews

Topics: Case reviews

Summary of risk factors and learning for improved police practice

Police often have significant contact with families prior to the incidents that trigger case reviews. Police can come into contact with children in a number of different ways. They can be directly involved when young people commit offences, go missing from home or when offences are committed against children. They may also become involved indirectly, through the criminal behaviour of parents or carers. Police have a key role to play in removing children from immediate danger, investigating and arresting perpetrators of child abuse, and sharing information and intelligence about the risks young people are exposed to.

Case reviews highlight that police need to work closely with other agencies to respond quickly and holistically to child protection concerns.  Police need to be aware of the impact of abuse and neglect on children, and recognise the signs of abuse. They also need to consider how the criminal behaviour of family members affects children.

Published: April 2015