About safeguarding in faith communities

Nurturing, respecting and caring for children are part of the teachings and values of all major faiths. There is a general expectation to care for all life and a duty to support those in society who most need care and protection.

We define safeguarding as the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.

Recognising the shared aim to provide a safe environment for children can help bring safeguarding practices into faith practices.

Learning from other faiths

Sharing experiences within and across faiths can help everyone to develop and improve safeguarding practices.

Our videos and examples of common safeguarding concerns share learning from different faith communities.

Working with children, families and communities of faith

Understanding more about a child’s faith and the role faith plays in family life is important for anyone working with children, families or communities.

It can help when considering appropriate ways to approach conversations around child protection and organisational safe practice.

Safeguarding children should be the focus of all actions.

Children need to be protected irrespective of religious beliefs. Under UK law, it is never acceptable to harm a child no matter what you may believe.

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