Making sense of relationships

Topics: Schools

We worked with the PSHE Association to create lesson plans for children aged 10-16 (key stages 2-4) on personal safety and healthy relationships.

The age-appropriate lessons cover subjects such as:

  • transition to secondary school
  • online safety and online friendships
  • consent
  • sexualised behaviour
  • unhealthy relationships
  • sharing sexual images.

There is a guide for teachers on creating a safe learning environment for the lessons, what to do if they receive a disclosure and where to signpost young people for help. The guide also includes a template letter to parents to inform them about the content and purpose of the lessons.

The lessons have been quality assured by the PSHE Association and they link with the PSHE Association Programme of Study. Although they refer to statutory and non-statutory guidance for schools in England, the contents are equally relevant and suitable for use in all parts of the UK.

Download the resources

Download Teaching resource guidance (PDF)
Guidance to support the delivery of the Making sense of relationships lesson plans.

Key stage 2 (for children in year 6 – ages 10-11)

Download Lesson plan 1 - Secondary school (PDF)
Empowers children to handle the challenges associated with moving from Year 6 into secondary school.

Download Lesson plan 2 - Changing friendship (PDF)
Explores the nature of friendships, the benefits and opportunities that new ones bring, and the positive, safe and healthy ways to manage them.

Download Lesson plan 3 - Healthy online friendship (PDF)
Empowers children to explore ways to keep online relationships healthy.

Key stage 3 (for children aged 11-14)

Download Lesson plan 1 - Healthy relationships (PDF)
Explores healthy relationships and helps young people recognise healthy and unhealthy behaviours.

Download Lesson plan 2 - Gender stereotypes (PDF)
Encourages children to challenge the concept of gender stereotyping within relationships, and covers ways to identify, manage and respond to gender-based bullying.

Download Lesson plan 3 - Safer online relationships (PDF)
Explores relationships in the online world and on social media, and how young people can protect themselves and their personal information.

Download Lesson plan 4 - Sexualised behaviour (PDF)
Empowers children with ways to manage, resist and challenge sexual bullying.

Download Lesson plan 5 - Sharing sexual images (PDF)
Explores issues around as sexting to give young people the knowledge and the skills to keep safe.

Download Lesson plan 6 - Consent (PDF)
This lesson focuses on consent and aims to equip young people with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves and others safe.

Key stage 4 (for children aged 14-16)

Download Lesson plan 1 - My values (PDF)
Empowers children to identify personal values, understand how they affect relationships, and learn how to communicate them to their partners assertively.

Download Lesson plan 2 - Unhealthy relationships (PDF)
This lesson focuses on how to recognise unhealthy relationships as well as how, where and when to seek help.

Download Lesson plan 3 - Pornography (PDF)
Explores the messages young people receive about sexual relationships through pornography and the possible harmful effects and what to do if they are worried about their own use of porn.