Campaign to help parents boost their child’s development

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NSPCC Look, Say, Sing, Play resources for professionals working with children

Parents interact with their babies all the time without always realising how those interactions shape the way their baby’s brain develops. Improving interaction and encouraging parents to be more sensitive to their baby’s cues will help parents identify and respond to their needs. It will also improve attunement and sensitivity of parents from an early stage, setting up positive behaviours as their child grows.

To encourage interaction between parents and their babies, we’re providing tips for parents to look, say, sing and play with their babies.

These new brain-building resources are based on the work of Vroom, a US public health initiative that uses the science of early learning to help parents improve back-and-forth interactions with their children.

Improving interaction between parents and babies

Serve and return interactions – when a parent responds positively to their child by speaking, gesturing or touching – help shape brain architecture by building and strengthening the neural connections that babies need to develop communication and social skills.

Display our posters in areas where parents will see them. You’ll help us to provide parents with brain-building tips that they can easily incorporate into their everyday routine and boost their child’s development.

Download the resources

Look, Say, Sing, Play leaflet

This leaflet gives parents a handy introduction to brain-building tips for their child from birth, up until the age of 2. It helps them understand how they can bring more interaction in to their daily routine, and gives them an introduction to the science behind the campaign.

> Download the Look, Say, Sing, Play leaflet (PDF)

Look, Say, Sing, Play posters

These posters show parents how interacting with their babies can help build their baby’s brain. Each one explores a different tip – and encourages parents to sign up for weekly tips via email.

> Download the set of four Look, Say, Sing, Play posters (PDF)

You can also download the posters individually:

Look, Say, Sing, Play briefing

This document outlines the insights behind Look, Say, Sing, Play - giving an overview of the evidence which underpins the campaign and the research project which the NSPCC has commissioned.

> Download the Look, Say, Sing, Play briefing document (PDF)

Look, Say, Sing, Play session plan

This is a guide for running a Look, Say, Sing, Play session with families – to help them understand how different brain-building activities can be incorporated into their daily routine.

> Download the Look, Say, Sing, Play session plan (PDF)

Look, Say, Sing, Play activity sheet

These four activity sheets outline a range of different age-appropriate tips which parents can try with their child. These can be used within the session which is outlined in the plan above.

> Download the set of four Look, Say, Sing, Play activity sheets (PDF)