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Evaluation of the Letting the Future In service

Topics: Child sexual abuse and CSE Type: Research

Findings from the largest randomised controlled trial of a service to help children who have been sexually abused. Part of the NSPCC's Impact and evidence series.

Getting help

Topics: Child sexual abuse and CSE Type: Research

What children are telling Childline about their opinions and wishes for delivery of therapeutic services for sexual abuse.

Inter-professional communication and decision making

Topics: Case reviews Type: Research

An overview and set of 14 briefings looking at practice issues identified in an analysis of 38 serious case reviews.

"I wasn’t sure it was normal to watch it"

Topics: Online safety Mental health Type: Research

Research report into the impact of online pornography on the values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of children and young people.

Local Safeguarding Children Boards: learning and improvement processes

Topics: Safeguarding and child protection Type: Research

Research study exploring the tools used by Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) to identify opportunities for development.

Looking after infant mental health: our case for change

Topics: Mental health Type: Research

Our cases for change in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland emphasising the importance of looking after infant mental health.

Neglect and its relationship to other forms of harm

Topics: Neglect Type: Research

Findings from 3 linked evidence scopes investigating the relationship between child neglect and other forms of maltreatment. Makes evidence-based recommendations for policy and practice.

Online child sexual abuse images

Topics: Child sexual abuse and CSE Type: Research

An overview of current research into child sexual abuse images and approaches to tackling the issue.

A review of the research on children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour online (HSB)

Topics: Harmful sexual behaviour Online safety Type: Research

Review of current research around the online harmful sexual behaviours displayed by children and young people. Part of the NSPCC’s Impact and Evidence series.

Safeguarding disabled children in England

Topics: Deaf and disabled children Safeguarding and child protection Type: Research

Survey establishing the effectiveness of local arrangements to safeguard disabled children and how well LSCBs have responded to recommendations in the Ofsted (2012) thematic inspection on protecting disabled children.