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Key topics

All you need to know about child abuse and neglect, what your organisation can do to protect children from harm and resources to keep children safe in schools and colleges. You can also find out how the child protection system works in the UK, and access case reviews, statistics on child abuse and information about children and families at risk.

Child abuse and neglect

What we know about different types of abuse and neglect, how to recognise and respond to concerns, what works to prevent abuse and the legislation, guidance and policy.

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Safeguarding and child protection

Actions organisations and groups can take to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.

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Children and families at risk

What research tells us about risk and vulnerability factors, the impact on children, responding to concerns and what works to help children and families who need additional support.

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Child health and development

Explains development, mental health and wellbeing in children and young people and factors that can affect these.

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Child protection system in the UK

How child protection works in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as a list of key dates and terms.

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Case reviews

What case reviews are and where to find them. How they are conducted. What we can learn from them.

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All the resources, lesson plans and training you need to keep children safe in your school or college.

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Statistics on child abuse

What available data sources can tell us about how many children and young people experience abuse and neglect.

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Online safety

See all our information, guidance and resources to help you create safer online spaces for children and young people.

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