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Children living in families facing adversity

Topics: Domestic abuse Substance misuse Mental health Type: Research

The experiences of children whose parents are involved in domestic abuse, misuse drugs or alcohol and have mental health problems.

Evaluation of Parents Under Pressure™

Topics: Substance misuse Type: Service evaluation

Evaluation of a service delivered by the NSPCC to support families where a parent has alcohol or substance misuse problems.

Final evaluation of our FED UP service

Topics: Substance misuse Domestic abuse Type: Service evaluation

Evaluation of a programme aiming to reduce the impact of parental drug and alcohol misuse on children. Part of the NSPCC’s Impact and evidence series.

Parents who misuse substances: learning from case reviews

Topics: Case reviews Substance misuse Type: Briefing

Lessons from case reviews published since 2010, where substance misuse is a key factor.

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