Designated child protection officer in Scotland training

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£310 per person


Face-to-face training for anyone responsible for receiving concerns about the safety and welfare of children and young people

Our two-day training course will help you gain the skills to act appropriately and confidently to protect the children you work with in a designated child protection role.

Taught by experienced professionals, you will learn how to recognise, report and record concerns about a child.

What will I learn?

During this training course, you'll learn how to:

  • outline the key responsibilities of the designated child protection officer role
  • state your own values regarding abuse and maltreatment and the impact of these on professional practice
  • describe the government legislation and guidance that underpin child protection policy
  • apply the Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) National Practice Model approach to protect and support children and young people
  • develop an organisation-wide strategy to ensure the safety and welfare of those with whom it has contact
  • explain the factors that inhibits the disclosure of abuse and respond effectively to someone who does disclose
  • explain the factors that prevent staff reporting child protection concerns, and how to overcome these
  • take appropriate actions when informed of concerns, including concerns regarding staff or volunteers
  • state what is likely to happen following a referral to the relevant investigating agencies and what further role they may have
  • explain the issues in connection with recording and sharing of information, including that of confidentiality
  • display awareness of the emotional side of child protection work and build a personal support network.

Want to commission bespoke training?

If you are interested in training for your organisation, please call 0116 234 7246 or email

Benefits of the course

  • Delivered by expert trainers who are at hand to answer any questions you may have as you go along.
  • Covers the information you need to successfully fulfil your responsibilities in a designated child protection role.
  • Content is kept up-to-date and in line with key legislation and guidance, including the GIRFEC National Practice Model.
  • Train alongside peers and share your ideas, experience and learning.
  • Take part in a number of practical and interactive exercises, including group discussions and presentations.
  • Dedicated and neutral learning space so you can learn without distraction.
  • Resources to take home to help you protect the children you work with.
  • Personalised certificate of achievement upon completion of the course.

Who is this course for?

Designated child protection officer training (Scotland) is for anyone who comes into regular contact with children and young people.

You must have previously attended an introductory level course in child protection in Scotland, and successfully liaised with other agencies involved in child protection, especially children’s social care.

People who have taken this course include:

    • nursery managers
    • sports coaches
    • adult addiction service staff
    • leisure facilities managers
    • professionals from commercial, community and religious based organisations.

This course doesn’t provide full training for people who work in a statutory agency.

Note for health professionals: This course provides training equal to Level 2 - the minimum level required for clinical staff who have some degree of contact with children and young people and/or parents/carers. We can also deliver Level 4 training to your health organisation.

Why take your training with the NSPCC?

At the NSPCC, we work to keep children and young people safe from abuse and neglect every day.

As the UK's experts on safeguarding and child protection, we understand the issues organisations and people working with children can face. That’s why professionals trust us to provide the support, training and resources they need to help protect the children and young people they work with.

Our highly-rated training courses are developed by experts. We work with a number of organisations, experienced consultants and subject matter experts in a range of sectors to develop courses that are clear, easy-to-use, up-to-date and in line with the latest statutory guidance, and tailored to your needs.

And as a charity, income generated from the sale of our training courses is reinvested back into the NSPCC to help protect children.

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Our face-to-face training course can be delivered and tailored to your organisation's needs. If you would like further information about commissioned training, get in touch to discuss by emailing or calling 0116 234 7246.

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