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Four new reports published about child safeguarding reviews and multi-agency arrangements in England

Last updated: 24 May 2021 Topics: News

The Department for Education (DfE) have published three new reports about child safeguarding practice reviews and local multi-agency safeguarding arrangements in England. A fourth report published by What Works for Children’s Social Care looks at findings from an analysis into safeguarding partners’ yearly reports.

Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel’s annual report 2020

In their second annual report, the Child Safeguarding Practice Panel examine serious child safeguarding incidents between January and December 2020.1

The report provides an insight into patterns of practice in child safeguarding and looks at how effectively the system of national and local reviews is operating in order to better protect children.

From their analysis, the Panel identifies six practice themes for safeguarding partners that can make a difference in reducing serious harm and preventing child deaths in the context of abuse or neglect.

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Annual review of Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (LCSPRs) and rapid reviews

The Panel also commissioned the University of Birmingham and University of East Anglia to undertake a review of case reviews.2

The review highlights learning from the unpublished rapid reviews as well as the published LCSPRs to support local safeguarding partners and the Panel in their work to improve child protection practice.

Several themes emerged from the analysis of the reviews, including:

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Review of multi-agency safeguarding arrangements

A new report by Sir Alan Wood CBE looks at how local areas have set up their multi-agency safeguarding arrangements under the new framework set out in the Children and Social Work Act 2017.3

He looks at models of good practice and makes recommendations for central government and individual agencies.

Analysis of safeguarding partners’ yearly reports

What Works for Children’s Social Care and the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel have released a report that analyses safeguarding partners’ yearly reports from 2019 to 2020.4 Findings from the analysis will inform the work taken forward by the Panel in response to common challenges in child safeguarding and the learning will complement Sir Alan Wood’s review of multi-agency safeguarding arrangements.

Safeguarding partners are the local authority, clinical commissioning group and chief of police. They publish a yearly report setting out what they have done to meet safeguarding requirements in their area.

The audit of these reports highlights trends and differences in how local areas are addressing safeguarding and will inform further development work with safeguarding partnerships.

Related reports

In a letter to Annie Hudson who was appointed as Chair of the Panel in December 2020, the government sets out how they are responding to the Panel’s previous reports on child criminal exploitation and sudden unexpected deaths in infancy.5

The Panel are also working on their third national review which focuses on non-accidental injuries in under ones.6

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