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Example consent form for activities and events

Publication date January 2022

Every group or organisation in the UK has a duty to safeguard children and young people in their care. This includes making sure that all children who attend events and activities are kept safe.

If your group or organisation provides events or activities for children and young people, you should gain consent from parents or carers for their child to participate. It's also important to gather the necessary information to keep children safe during the activity.

Different sectors will also have specific guidance for organising events and activities, including around gaining consent.

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We've created this example consent form which you can use to help you make sure you collect the information you need. You should tailor it according to the context and needs of your organisation.

We've also included information about when it’s appropriate to gain a child or young person's consent (in addition to parental consent) and what to do when a parent or carer is not willing to give consent for an activity.

This example consent form should be used in conjunction with our photography and sharing images guidance and our other information and resources on safeguarding.


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