Harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) training course

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£600 for up to 25 participants

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Training to help teams recognise and respond to harmful sexual behaviour

Harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) covers a range of developmentally inappropriate sexual behaviour that is harmful to the children and young people who display it, as well as the people it is directed towards.

But how can adults distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behaviour? And what should you do if a child or young person has experienced abuse or is displaying sexualised behaviour?

Our range of HSB training courses cover foundation and advanced intervention levels and we provide specific training for primary and secondary schools, special educational needs and foster carers.

The training is designed for teams of up to 25 people and is delivered by NSPCC practitioners who are experienced at working with children, young people and their families.

Benefits of this training

  • Training for your whole team – up to 25 participants for one fixed cost.
  • Choose a date that works for you.
  • Courses available for foundation and advanced intervention, schools and foster carers.
  • Available across the UK.
  • Delivered face to face at your place of work or in a live virtual session.
  • Learn from experienced NSPCC practitioners who work directly with children and families.
  • Supported by a range of further information and downloadable resources to help you protect the children you work with.

What will participants learn?

We have created specific courses for different groups, which can be tailored further if required.

Foundation course

This training covers:

  • what HSB is, the continuum of sexual behaviours and the differences between experimentation and abuse
  • current research on HSB, including its prevalence within the UK
  • AIM procedures in the local authority
  • working with parents and carers and associated challenges
  • an overview of services delivered by the NSPCC and the referral criteria.

Advanced intervention course

This training covers:

  • current research on HSB and what works for children who display these behaviours
  • how to develop treatment formulation plans based on the outcome of assessments
  • the elements of a short term intervention programme that can be delivered in the community
  • the role of safety plans for children and young people throughout and at the end of their work.

Practitioners will also have the opportunity to practice the delivery of key elements of the programme.

Primary schools, secondary schools and special educational needs

We provide training tailored for education settings. As well as key points above, this training will help participants to:

  • increase their confidence in recognising and responding to HSB
  • understand what steps they need to take to record instances of HSB
  • take appropriate steps for intervention and risk management.

Foster carers

This training covers:

  • what HSB is and the possible causes
  • strategies to assist in managing behaviour
  • how to provide safe care and minimise risk for further behaviour
  • how foster carers' roles and responsibilities fit with those of the agencies who may be involved.

Who is this course for?

Our HSB training courses cover a range of knowledge levels and can be further adapted for the target audience where required.

Foundation – no prior knowledge is required, but learners would benefit from a general understanding of safeguarding issues.

Advanced intervention – suitable for practitioners or team managers who have already completed the foundation course or schools who have completed our HSB for schools elearning course.

Primary, secondary and special educational needs schools – suitable for all school staff who come into contact with children, including teachers, teaching assistants and safeguarding leads. Schools should have completed our HSB for schools elearning course prior to this training.

Foster carers – no prior knowledge is required, but learners would benefit from a general understanding of safeguarding issues.

Each of the training courses is offered as a 1 day course for up to 25 participants.

If you're not sure which course would be most suitable or you would like to discuss how we can adapt the training for your team please call us on 0116 234 7246 or complete our enquiry form.

How is the training delivered?

We offer two options for this training:

  • face-to-face session(s) at your location
  • live virtual training via Zoom Pro.

The training is delivered in a 1-day workshop for face-to-face sessions and over two days for live virtual training. We’d be happy to discuss your particular requirements – just give us a call on 0116 234 7246 or complete our enquiry form.

If you choose virtual training then there are a few technical requirements to be aware of:

We use Zoom Pro to deliver our live virtual training.

You’ll need to sign up to Zoom and agree to the Zoom Privacy Notice in order to attend virtual training.

No confidential or sensitive data should be shared during the virtual event.

In order to take your training securely and for the best possible experience please use Zoom version 5.0 or above.

We recommend installing the latest version of your web browser before receiving the training. Prior to the event, you can test your internet connection at https://zoom.us/test

Your trainer will contact you prior to your training date with details of how to login on the day of your session and setting up Zoom. You can also visit the Zoom website for technical support.

Why take your training with the NSPCC?

At the NSPCC, we work to keep children and young people safe from abuse and neglect every day.

As the UK's experts on safeguarding and child protection, we understand the issues organisations and people working with children can face. That’s why professionals trust us to provide the support, training and resources they need to help protect the children and young people they work with.

Our highly-rated training courses are developed by experts. We work with a number of organisations, experienced consultants and subject matter experts in a range of sectors to develop courses that are clear, easy-to-use, up-to-date and in line with the latest statutory guidance, and tailored to your needs.

And as a charity, income generated from the sale of our training courses is reinvested back into the NSPCC to help protect children.

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