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How Safe 2023 conference - here's what you missed

Type: News

Read the highlights from the NSPCC's safeguarding conference How Safe 2023, which brought together safeguarding professionals from a range of different sectors for a day of informative talks and discussions about child protection in a cost-of-living-crisis.

Jul 26 2023

Why language matters: how the label ‘older boyfriend’ can mask child sexual exploitation

Type: Why language matters blog

Discusses the problems with the term ‘older boyfriend’ and prompts professionals to recognise the links to grooming and child sexual exploitation.

Jun 20 2023

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Type: News

We have a range of resources to help you learn more about mental health and how to support children.

Jun 08 2023

Learning Disability Week 2023

Type: News

It’s Learning Disability Week from 19-25 June 2023! We’ve pulled together resources and training to help you protect children and young people with special educational needs and additional needs.

Jun 07 2023

Why language matters: why you should avoid labelling allegations as ‘malicious’

Type: Why language matters blog

Blog exploring the risks around labelling an allegation as malicious before properly assessing the situation. 

May 23 2023

Podcast: Supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing in schools

Type: Podcast

We spoke to experts from Place2Be and Childline about the different ways that schools can support children and young people with their mental health and wellbeing.

May 18 2023

Why language matters: domestic abuse is broader than domestic violence

Type: Why language matters blog

This blog looks at why using the term "domestic abuse" can help us to consider the wider experiences of children and families beyond physical violence.

May 02 2023

Why language matters: how ‘toxic trio’ is unhelpful and inaccurate

Type: Why language matters blog

Parental domestic abuse, parental substance misuse and parental mental health problems – the toxic trio? This post explores the issues around the term ‘toxic trio’, the complexities around its use, and what professionals might consider using instead.

Mar 27 2023

Podcast: An introduction to Report Remove, an online self-reporting tool for young people

Type: Podcast

Learn more about the development of Report Remove, an online tool that under-18s can use to report nude images or videos of themselves that have been shared online, to see if they can be removed from the internet.

Mar 21 2023